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Did you ever wonder what Paradise was like? Well, you have found it!


Welcome to Rumi Rose TEAS, where you will find products beneficial to the mind, body and soul. Each of our products carry tremendous blessings of Divine and Angelic Healing. Our Vancouver location is not only a place to sip tea, but a destination where you can please your palate, heart and soul.  All our products are showered with blessings, mercies and healings under the Dome of Remembrance.


The blessings infused in our products are priceless and cannot be found just anywhere. We encourage you to try our products and invite you to experience Rumi Rose TEAS, whether you are online or in the Vancouver area.

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Arabian Enlighten Mint Tea
ASTHMA DIGESTIVE Abas Khidr - G reen tea infused w...
Price: Can$ 5.59


Heavenly Healing Teas
Heavenly Healing Teas

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